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Harvest Flowers 2017
These beautiful arrangements are currently (2/10) in church to celebrate Harvest Festival. Thank you to all the talented flower arrangers who worked so hard to make this stunning display.

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The Bride - Installation 2017
This year is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and it's a good excuse to have an exhibition!

Martin Luther was a catalyst for change. The Reformation brought about the rise of the Protestant church and coinciding with the invention of the printing press it provided bibles in peoples own native languages. This was crucial because the Protestants taught that only faith and not good deeds, (sola fide) could bring salvation. So there was a complete reliance now on scripture, (sola scriptura) as the only true source for a proper belief, making it imperative to have access to the bible, and to a bible that was not just in Latin.

The Bride of Christ installation is a celebration of the world wide church and is made up of testimonies and scripture verses from the bible in over 60 different languages. It is intended to hopefully, connect and resonate with as many visitors and parishioners as possible who take the time to read the texts and look at the books of witness.

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St Peter's Church Fete - 2017
Photos from the Fete which took place on 2nd July 2017 as part of the patronal festival

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Gretton Church
A selection of pictures of events and occasions at Christ Church, Gretton

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An Open Air Baptism in 2014
This was held at the home of the Cocks in September 2014

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Friends Gardens Open Event
This event takes place in June every year in support of the Friends of St Peter's. Typically a dozen or so Gardens are opened by local residents and teas and produce are sold at some of the open gardens.

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Overseas Youth Mission
Photos from Kenya

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