We are a lively, friendly group who would welcome new members, churchgoers or not!  Do please contact us to find out more at [email protected].

 But first, what is Eco Church? 

  • It’s an exciting and innovative way for churches to improve their environmental sustainability and work to mitigate climate change, under the umbrella of the Christian environmental charity A Rocha 
  • It encourages churches to take on the urgency of these issues through a structured scheme, recognised with awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.
  • Click Here to see Gloucester Diocese Involvement

Next, a few details about our Eco Church Group

St Peter’s Eco Church Group was set up shortly before the pandemic in 2020, and we have been working since then to make St Peter’s more sustainable. 

Our journey from Bronze to Silver (awarded March 2023) 

First, a few key moments in our journey to Bronze (awarded 2021):

  • our Climate Sunday in July 2021 – with exhibitions on the need for sustainability, including from our local schools
  • starting our wildflower meadow, with its Bug Manor (thanks to Winchcombe Abbey Primary) 

Now we have gained our Silver Award!  Just a few of the activities that helped us reach that goal (see photos below):

  • insulation against some of the draughts in St Peter’s – curtains and draught excluder
  • ongoing work to make the churchyard more wildlife friendly – more planting (rowans & spring bulbs); the installation of swift boxes on the church tower (thanks to the Winchcombe Swift Support Group)           
  • using locally grown flowers and substitutes for Oasis in church flower arrangements
  • St Peter’s moving to a bank with a proven ethical investment and sustainability record (which our Group originally asked the PCC to look

So now it’s onwards to Gold! 

Our message is that change is essential, not only for our much loved ancient building and its churchyard, but also for all of us in the congregation and the wider community.  We fully support and have made links with the Winchcombe Green Town Movement  

Are you curious to know what your own carbon footprint is…whether it’s bigger or smaller than you think?  You can find out by visiting the website recommended by the Diocese https://footprint.wwf.org.uk/